Canidae [FTW] gets involved in a variety of WvW game play, in a mature, supportive and socially comfortable, fun environment. The approach of the guild is one of co-operation and inclusiveness. Guild members are involved members who take pride in participation, and whose input is welcomed and valued. We aim to be a solid presence in Piken. A place to enjoy the game. While we are not a HC fight guild, we take pride in setting our sights on a cohesive WvW group who can perform decently.

We are always looking for:

  • We are looking for people who enjoy a range of WvW activities.
  • We want players from both off-peak and prime times.
  • We want guildies who are willing to commit to having a nice place to hang out, with friendly people.
  • We want guildies who are team players, attend our guild events, and like to do stuff with others.
  • Players of all skill levels welcome, however it is expected you will be running a server or guild build and have a commitment to better play.
  • 100% rep rule, when you are doing things with the guild.
  • TS3 essential.
  • 18+ mature-minded people with manners

Come run with the Pack!